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Add bill splitting to your online checkout

Let your customers instantly split the bill with friends – from any device, with no signup


Now all your customers pay directly.
Build a relationship with each customer in a group purchase.


Group orders make some payers nervous, causing carts to fall. Paywiz eliminates individual risk, so the cart fills naturally.  


Paywiz is the only checkout option that retains your brand identity throughout the entire shopping experience.

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Any device

We’re completely device agnostic. Your customers can pay from any device, operating system, you name it.

Optimized conversion

Behavioral algorithms analyze group data to optimize the payment process.

Fast onboarding

Easily integrates to your app or site. No intervention with your order flow keeping your payment gateway intact.

All users

Guests are more than welcome. There is no need to sign up to make a payment.

Real time control

Automated business logic ensures maximal order completion on time.

All-in-one dashboard

Tap into a wealth of analytics and operational data from a single unified dashboard.

Food Delivery

Is your chain nationwide? Orders are automatically delivered to the right branch. Integrated with your ordering engine, Paywiz makes sure each order is processed only after everyone pays.


Travelling together is easy. Group passengers pay their share and add personal info to their reservation. Paywiz enforces time limits on hotels and flights, so booking limits are always met.


We ensure the group pays on time using dynamic event limits, plus some other tricks we’ve developed. Even when tickets are priced differently, everyone pays the right price.

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About Paywiz

Paywiz is committed to make online bill splitting an everyday affair. Established by seasoned Product, Data and FinTech experts, we’re determined to make ‘split the bill’ transactions quick, easy and commonplace.

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2 Agripas St, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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